About US

Webcraft Ltd., was created in second half of year 2015 by means of NeonIT Grupp Ltd., reorganization.

A strategic decision was made to separate web hosting and web studio from other different services that NeonIT Grupp provides. New people joined the team and as of November 2015 Webcraft now provides hosting services and functions as a web studio.

We believe that many of web pages are not build with enough quality. They contain HTML errors and are badly optimized for search engines. Another thing is, they are often not user-friendly and do not justify the money spent on creating them.

Our goals are making quality web pages that provide maximum positive user experience. To achieve that we are always evolving and keep track of new technologies. We think that there is proper usage for all technologies and not all new technologies are as good as they are advertised. We create modern websites that justify money and time spent in their development. We try to reach maximum user-friendliness and optimize the website for maximum search engine efficiency.

We have tried different technologies and our top choice for creating websites is the Windows ASP.NET or MVC platforms. We have experience with .NET framework and especially running such websites on our servers. We provide all-in-one package, starting from building a website to hosting it.