Search Engine Optimization and Promotion of Web Sites

Would you like people to find your web site quickly? Our search engine optimization service will help.

About 90% of people find the site they need through search engines. The most popular search engine in Estonia is Google, about 80%; Internet users in Russia use Google and Yandex equally, about 40% each; in America and Europe, Google prevails with 75% of the search engine market.

Why is it important to be as high as possible in search results? Approximately 84% of people never look to the end of the second page. An analogy may help. If your site falls on the first page, it is as if you had a store in the heart of the city next to famous brands. If your site is beyond the second page, then your imaginary store would be on the outskirts of the city where visitors rarely go.

Promotion of the site can be divided into three stages:

  1. Search engine optimization of the HTML site code
  2. Search engine optimization of the site content
  3. Search engine site promotion

Search Engine Optimization of the HTML Site Code

It is important that your HTML code does not have errors and that search engines like Google and Yandex can read it easily. The best way to do this is to redesign the site, using CSS styles rather than HTML markup. Search engine optimization also takes into account meta tags, such as "keywords", "description" and "revisit-after" and assigns the "alt" attribute in image tags with the text corresponding to the image. To promote the site, optimization ensures the title of the page (the "title" tag) and the header (the "h1" tag) of the page contain keywords.

Websites that our web studio designs are created subject to generally accepted rules and therefore do not need HTML code optimization.

Search Engine Optimization of Site Content

Optimization of the content on a site begins with determining keywords that will improve the position of your site in search results. Webcraft will help you in a complex choice of keywords and evaluate their success, as well as advise how to use them properly.

Promotion of the Site

For customers to find you, they must know you exist. There are several things you can do to promote your web site.

First of all, add your web site address to a couple of the most popular search engines. It's free of charge. Our specialists will help if you don’t know how to do this.

We also advise that you periodically analyze the traffic on your site and the popularity of its pages. This helps to determine how successfully search engines are indexing each page. Our specialists are ready to help you with this analysis and with monitoring of visits to your site.

Finally, Google Ads is another way to promote your site. Google Ads brings your site to the first page of a Google search as a contextual advertising service. We offer several service packages for Google Ads campaigns. A list of packages, as well as more detailed information about this stage of website promotion, is available on the Google Ads page.