Quality Windows Hosting

Hosting is a service which provides the customer the ability to put a website on a server where it will be available to other internet users. It is also called web hosting.

Windows логоWindows hosting means that the server on which a website is hosted uses Microsoft Windows Server operating system. At the moment we have Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and 2019 up and running. Internet Information Service (IIS) is the program that is responsible for running the website on the server.

What websites work on Windows Server?

First of all, websites that are written in plain HTML. This means that the website will have a start page index.htm or index.html (or in some cases default.html or .htm). These websites are usually static and need to be reloaded each time a user makes an interaction (eg. clicks a link).

ASP.NET хостингASP.NET is the most versatile and powerful platform to date for building modern web applications. The start page is usually default.aspx (note the .aspx extension). These pages are dynamic and allow you to store data in MS SQL or MS Access databases. Read more here.

MVC хостингA new simplified platform for creating dynamic websites on ASP.NET is MVC. Sites using this platform must work in the Full Trust security mode. For hosting this means that a dedicated Application Pool is required. Websites written in MVC can store data in either Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server. We support hosting of MVC sites on our servers. For more details, see the MVC hosting page.

And of course, pages written in PHP also work on Windows Server so there is no need to worry if you transfer your page to our web hosting.