Website audit

Our audit service evaluates how well your website is made and works. This influences customers, who form opinions about your site depending on how it looks in different browsers, how quickly pages load and how easy it is to navigate. The quality of your site also affects its position in searches and, therefore, the likelihood of obtaining new customers. Our audit provides a detailed report on the quality of your site’s execution with recommendations how to improve it. We thoroughly analyze each item of the report, describe what it affects, and give our evaluation.

The cost of the site audit 100 € (+ 20% VAT).

We conduct a complex audit that checks:
- The site in different browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera)
  and on different platforms (Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS)
- Search engine optimization
- Display speed of pages
- Internal broken links
- Use of proprietary email addresses
- Responsive Web Design
- Availability of a sitemap
- Indexing by search engines
- Compliance of HTML with the declared standard
- Compliance with CSS version 3
- Availability of styles, directly in HTML (java script)
- Correct use of HTML tags
- Correct use of site aliases
- Page addresses
- Availability of the Google Analytics statistics system