Setup instructions for email clients to work with Webcraft mail servers

Below instructions were specifically designed to ensure security of your mail correspondence and inability of third parties to getting access to it. Therefore, we recommend to use only encrypted connection in between your email client and our server.

Information about our mail servers:
Incoming mail server:
Secured connection:
Getting email via IMAP (your messages are stored on the server)
    SSL (might also be named SSL/TLS in some apps) port: 993
    TLS (might also be named STARTTLS in some apps) port: 143
Getting email via POP3 (your messages will be deleted from the server upon getting them in your email program)
    TLS port: 995

Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
Secured connection:
Sending email out
    SSL port: 465
    TLS port: 587

Access to your email via browser

Web address that you can use to read your mail correspondence using a web browser: