Technical Information

Our clients’ web pages are hosted on modern servers. We use servers built from Intel components with multicore processors and hard drives which run in Raid 10.

We provide reserve backups for websites and databases on our servers. It is possible to restore files up to 5 days and databases up to 3 days’ time. We backup files at 4:00 and databases at 2:00 AM.

To protect our servers from power surges we have APC-Smart UPS protection systems. Our servers are located in two datacenters.

Technical data of servers:
Operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016
Database Microsoft SQL Server 2016, 2017
Supported technologies
ASP 3, MVC and ASP.NET (.NET Framework 2.0; 3.0; 3.5; 4.0; 4.5; 4.6)
Email servers have:
Operating system CentOS Linux
Database MySQL
Postal service Postfix
Antivirus and spam filters Amavisd-new, ClamAV, SpamAssasin
DNS servers have:
Operating system Microsoft Windows Server 2019
Microsoft DNS